Arrest Warrants For Federal Politicians (Treason/Murder) Issued By Governor General (1st March 21)

Arrest Warrants For Federal Politicians (Treason/Murder) Issued By Governor General (1st March 21)

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26th Feb Speeches, Victoria
'Operation Take Over', email arrest warrants videos to police stations across Australia.
1st Warrants Video uploaded,
ARREST warrants issued by Governor General of Australia (Teresa van Lieshout), on 1st March 2021, for the following political/govt criminals,

Greg Hunt (Victoria & Canberra)
Daniel Andrews (Victoria)
Anthony Albanese (NSW & Canberra)
Scott Morrison (NSW & Canberra)
Paul Kelly (CH officer Sydney)
Brett Sutton (CH officer Victoria)
Michael Chan (Psychiatrist, Levels 3 & 4, Marie Bashir, Prince Alfred, Camperdown, NSW)
Tanya Duss (Psychiatrist, Levels 3 & 4, Marie Bashir, Prince Alfred, Camperdown, NSW
Victims locked up drugged with pharmacuticals in govt facilities must be FREED.

Police & military have been put on Notice, to arrest & act in the interests of justice for the Australian people. The people can also arrest those lockdown politicians (3Z).

Arrest powers, 3WA, 3Z, 3ZB, 3ZD, 3ZA, 15AA, Crimes Act 1914.

Bail NOT to be granted under ANY circumstances, section 15AA, Crimes Act 1914.

Arrest any govt worker who obstructs, perverts, or defeats your course of justice, section 43 (1), Crimes Act 1914, including any high ranking officers.

Criminal Code Act 1995
Crimes Act 1900
Crimes Act 1914
Schedule 2, Criminal Code (Cth)
Federal Police Act 1979
Victorian Confiscation Act 1997
Proceeds of Crime Act 1987
Constitution Act 1900, section 61 (Executive power vested in the Governor General), section 51 (xxxix), Incidental power, & national implied power, (xxxi) seizure property, (xxix) applied special human rights power.
Section 68, Constitution Act 1900, Vests the command in chief of the naval & military forces of the commonwealth in the Governor General (me).
By order of the GG, seizure, security, & guard, pharmacutical drugs Astrazenica pallets & crates, stored in Western Sydney Warehouse (transported from Sydney Airport arrived Sunday morning), & Victoria CSL, to be guarded and dumped in the ocean (Tasman Sea) BEFORE 8th March 2021 distribution to the states.
Teresa speaks & organises speakers 26th Feb, Somerville, Victoria,
Teresa van Lieshout appointed Governor General, Friday 26th February, by God Almighty (the Bible), Constitution Act 1900, sections 51, 52, 61, 62, 63, 64, & by consent of the people present (no objection), being 50 people plus 40 Victorian police officers. 3 hrs of raw video footage available.
Peter little live feed speakers, 26th Feb, Somerville,

Warrants issued for the safety & protection of 25 million Australians.
Mobile: 0400409771


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