Abolish Govt-Funded Pharmacutical Beast (World)

Abolish Govt-Funded Pharmacutical Beast (World)

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5 months
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Twenty four months of intensive research wordwide, I have discovered genocide, a holocaust. Politicians are guilty for using psychiatry & police to kill their own citizens, in a practice synonymous with Nazism:

1. Millions of deaths world wide since before the turn of the 18th century (over 200 years), of politically approved and funded murder, torture, theft, and slavery.
2. People are hunted down by police under govt psychiatric instructions.
3. Psychiatric staff intimidate and threaten people with police use, and engage police brutality against victims.
4. Forced incarceration, deprivation of liberty (TORTURE in Highly Controlled Psych Facilities).
5. Forced government orders in community (CTO's); Community Psych Facilities; forced conditions and dangerous treatments. 1 - 5 are torture.
6. Forced dangerous treatments; the independent Australian National Mental Health Review (2012), proves victims die on average 25 years younger than the general population. WA Stokes Review proves human rights abuses.
7. Modern experimentation of psychiatric drugs, ECT, & sterilisation on humans (poisoning with chemical compounds).
8. Murder (sudden and premature death) and violence engaged by psychiatric practices against victims, practices and treatments increase the prevalence of violence, suicide, and homicidal action.
9. Govt. force and control over human life; physical and economic control.
10. Causes homelessness, the govt. rounds up the homeless people and kills them off with psychiatric treatments, controls victims bank accounts (public trust), theft and slavery.
11. Targeting of vulnerable people.
12. Extensive quantity and breadth of human rights abuses.
13. When victims make complaints, psychiatrists increase their forced drugging.
14. Sexual assaults on female victims.
15. Engages in Fraud and Defamation.
16. Destroys humans religious beliefs and creative potential.
17. Destroys human general health and mental health.
18. Destroys family rights and relationships.
19. Destroys political and civil rights.
20. Destroys individual freedom to choose own work and housing (slavery), to work, drive and operate machinery.
21. Supported by Govt. violence and corruption against family's.
22. Economic corruption and profiteering off human misery; pharmaceutical companies, government and private workers profiting, and state govts. Public Trust defrauding commonwealth parliament pensions, stealing and defrauding victims assets and money, investing millions $$ of stolen assets and money in the corporate sector.
23. Physical and psychological torture; short and long term.
24. Political approval, funding and support of atrocities.
25. Judicial and legal approval and support of atrocities.
26. Nazi Mental Health Review Board orders and Nazi State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) orders and corruption, Public Advocate corruption, crimes against individual's and family's.
27. Mental Health Commission Drafted Genocidal Bill 2011, and Green Draft Bill 2012, targeting children as young as twelve and fourteen years of age, torture against parents and children (forced incarceration and murderous treatments), sterilisation of children.
28. Other government departments and workers approval and support of atrocities.
29. Private housing organisations receive political funding on the condition to force dangerous psychiatric treatments, e.g St Bartholomews, Kelmscott, where they are murdering my brother David (and 20 of their other victims), with chemical compounds, and destroying his life.

John Chaney, president of the SAT, is a criminal, along with 3 Supreme Court judges, Newnes, Murphy, and Allanson, 3 District court judges Davies, Scott, Fenbury, supporting the work of murder of my brother David, along with WA politicians, corrupt public advocate workers John Hodges, and public trust, Daniel Paulus (stealing David's money). This is a nightmare for my family.

So it's ok for politicians and psychiatrists and government workers to murder other peoples' relatives? Judges and magistrates are guilty as well. This is an evil evil monster, our society must fight to abolish the practice. So we (society) should forcibly lock up all politicians and psychiatrists and judges in a big room and force your own murderous 'treatments' and see how long you survive. They have hell to look forward to, for what they've done to my family, and thousands of other family's.

The evil 'government workers' (including Bybyk and John Hodges) VRO taken against me in WA, to stop me having contact with my sibling David, was cancelled 5th February 2013 by Magistrate Maughn, thank God.

If 'the WA government' does not stop drugging my brother David to death, I will spend the next 30 years of my life fighting for the people accountable to be jailed, for murder, including current politicians.

Psychiatry is the politicians (govt). 'killing, torture, theft, and slavery machine'.


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