Farm Murder in South Africa

Farm Murder in South Africa

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I created the book AmaBhulu in outrage at the savage torture murders of farmers in South Africa. My belief remains that no one could ever understand that beautiful country unless they first understood its epic formative history. AmaBhulu follows real individuals through that history to give people in the West today a glimpse of their future if they do not change direction. It provides South Africans with the picture they need to defend their position within the world of today, the picture they need to share with their children before it is too late.

This video focuses in particular on the disturbing torture murder of young Brendin Horner on 1 October 2020 outside the little town of Paul Roux in the northern Free State prairie, the granary and food basket of Southern Africa.

More may be read here around the events that followed the young man's shocking death:

The book AmaBhulu may be found here:

The AmaBhulu Blog may be found here:


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