Australian Attorney has Long List of Children Injured by COVID Shots - Seeks Class Action Lawsuit

Australian Attorney has "Long List" of Children Injured by COVID Shots - Seeks Class Action Lawsuit

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It's becoming more difficult to hide the fact that criminals are at the helm of quite a large number of countries internationally.
🕯️ With no shortage of them here in the U.S., we remember our friends in Australia enduring imposed harshness and cruel behavior coming from 💵 bought off politicians and their underlings. The current assault on children must be crushed. Young children, especially, rely on informed adults to do what's right.
There is fraud at every level of the "pandemic" narrative.
People enforcing harsh restrictions on their fellow countrymen (and women) need to snap out of their coma and stand with the awake in your nation.
Bullshit on your TV has reached epidemic proportions.
There is no isolated novel coronavirus wiping large numbers of Australians off the map and requiring the harsh measures.
Only citizens brainwashed into behaving like prison guards and turning on those who expose the lies and tyranny. Sellouts and criminals in your government are the problem. Stop protecting them.
Cover photo: UK Government Caught Lying: 23.5 Million People in England Have NOT had a Single Dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine


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